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Electron Stories

So Mr Roed decided to keep all of his coins to himself. He counted them for the nth time and pocketed them, his shiny coins. Flapped his wings, at the expense of a really far away country and took a swirling dive towards the luminous complex of Sea-Side-Single-Singularities - not to be confused with the brick house in the harbor where mother's cat was left at its own devices.
Those nine coins, those nine shiny coins.
Electron Stories with Cats is an electronic suite in nine parts. It is based on the classical culture (harmonies, progressions, structure etc) of the 20th century modernism with an intense geometric character and mathematical evolvement. Twelve-tone serialism and Bartokesque pentatonics meet chilled soundscaping and abstract cinematic dissonances in an exploration of classical form and modern color.
The musical laws - those of man and those of nature: Tonal gravity and the dark energy of pantonal* exploration. Slight air vibrations, a palette of colorful waves playing mind games. The illusion of time, against which everything is referenced, measured and acknowledged. The infinite crescendo from the minute to the immense and the primeval metaphor of antithesis. Electron Stories are inspired by the ultimate quest of understanding cosmos through science, art and ultimately religion, as the three mold this human universe for the doctor, the artist and the shaman. In this context, they are reminiscent of "a dying age in which a full synthetic view of nature was still possible, in which one man could not only unify the practice and teaching of medicine, physiology, anatomy and physics, but also relate these sciences significantly and lastingly to the fine arts." (Henry Margenau, his introduction to Sensations Of Tone by Hermann L. F. Helmholtz, 1954).
"Our senses perceive this sea of energy from a certain limited standpoint and make up an image from that. It is not complete, nor is it accurate. It is just an interpretation."
- Umer Arbrar
*Schoenberg hated the term "atonal"
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